Fluffy Links – Tuesday February 3rd 2009

Johnny calls for a new Irish Music Chart. Good idea.

Rick has badge envy. I have a special badge for Rick which he’ll get soon.

Nice chart from Joe on Irish Incubator programmes.

Last few days to get cheap nosh from some of the best eateries in Dublin.

Task Forces. Aren’t they the things that go along and shoot at people? A huge line-up of people who have no idea of what being redundant and scared is all about.

Vote for Rick at the Meteors and also vote for Vic (Barry) and Joe says vote for Mick too.

Yay. Now get prints of Eolai’s work.

Amazing illustration for an interesting company.

Maire Claire McKenna in Sligo who has just started a lovely little coffee company called Monster Cafe. She’s using a great little van called The Megavan which is rechargeable and fitted out with a fancy coffee machine.

Via TrendSpot: The Muppets do Peaches (Crude language and sexual references ahoy)

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday February 3rd 2009”

  1. Rick says:

    Does it say “Shitstirrer-in-chief?”


  2. Joe Scanlon says:

    Yummy yummy fluffy fluff. That great one way traffic system from your blog to mine. Thanks dude.

  3. Aidan says:

    The Megavan is MAD looking, i must google it for a look. i hope they do well