Fluffy links – Monday February 2nd 2009

AchGo covered another data leak of customer details last week. This weekend the sunday Business Post covered it. What’s interesting here is that Airtricity has taken out insurance for their customers over the data loss. The banks never did this. The banks got their screwup investigated using taxpayer money and got a report written telling them what to do in future. A report the DPC woon’t make public, despite we paying for it.

Along the same lines, an interesting blog post on how the Dept. of Justice here in Ireland doesn’t seem to want to honour Freedom of Information requests.

Nice listing of car prices at an auction from Derry. Crazy prices. Sobering prices.

Suzy talks about the lack of anyone charismastic and uniting in LGBT politics in Ireland. Most of the organisations appear to be self serving to their board not even their “members”. I remember a comment from someone on the board of an org like this bemoaning the fact that they had to have AGMs and had to answer questions from their members.

iPhone Developer days in Ireland. Yay.

Nice writeup on Steve in the Irish Times.

New blog: Science Culture Bulletin.

Schizophrenia Ireland Changes Name to: Shine – Supporting People Affected by Mental Ill Health

Good coverage by TJ on the eircom and record companies deal.

UK hotels er, not quite.

Twitter were being asses methinks about the Daily Mail Twitter account.

Putin rocks. He clever.

Swan Song (for a nation) – Rae & Christian ft. Veba

Aim – The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice

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