Fluffy Links – Friday January 16th 2009

Nice guide from Steph on how to get to the Blog Awards. Plane, train, automobile, boat and maybe foot.

Still looking for Blog Awards judges. We have about 50 judges now. Another 30 are needed. There are lots of blogs to judge. Lots.

Gareth asked me to Fluffy Link mySwiftstore which allows anyone to get themselves selling online quickly. Linked!

Newsweaver are looking for a Head of Marketing.

Via Iaino Dual Pricing. Nice price comparison site for Irish and UK prices.

90+ productivity links for twitter addicts

Rick was the new Doctor? Jaysus. Missed that.

Another ceremony has an award for Irish Blogging. You can’t apply if you’re heterosexual though. What if you’re in the closet, can you be nominated then?

Internet > Newspaper. Lovely project where the best web bits of 2008 were made into a newspaper. Amazing typography.

So some guy suggested newspapers should teach the Internet a lesson by not updating their online presence for a day. Six additional and sarcastic suggestions.

No WiFi in Hell, it’s official. Damn. Laptops running Vista too.

Via Kottke: David O’Doherty – Very mild superpowers

Via Monster Munch: Puppies:

12 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday January 16th 2009”

  1. Aoife says:

    That newspaper looks gorgeous!
    The durex ad is really well done but not the sort of thing you’d want to watch if your parents were in the room….!

  2. @Aoife …or your children. Just have to watch on my own. In the cupboard. …giggling. (really made me laugh and remember being a school boy)

    Re: ’90+ productivity links for twitter addicts’. Is that not an oxymoron?

    Nice fluff.

  3. A bit rough on the Galas, Damien? To be fair, they don’t say that you can’t be heterosexual, they say it’s for ‘queer bloggers’. I suppose it’s like the MOBOs or other minority/niche interest groups.

  4. @Enda Awards where some of the criteria are what gender you fuck should perhaps be reserved for the Porn Industry. It’s a bit rich (although given the amount of money drawn down from Uncle Chuck to fight for, not against equality, they are rich) for the NLGF to run a show for people based on their sexuality, excluding the rest of the population. I’ve not seen awards shows where Gay, Lesbian or Transgendered people are excluded. It’s very insular thinking but then again the gay “community” in Ireland love to lock themselves away from the real world.

  5. Maybe. Call me naive, but I would have thought sexuality is more complex than who one has sex with.

    Is this insular or is it just a niche thing? I mean if there is an award for Best Clockmaker or somesuch, isn’t it fair enough that it’s only open to clockmakers (crap example, but you know what I mean?

  6. Isn’t being a Clockmaker a choice? Being gay isn’t. And it’s not an award for what you do, the correct example would be Best Clockmaker who is Gay or Lesbian or Transgendered.

  7. Ok, not the clearest example! I guess what I’m trying to say is that GLBTQ can be seen as a cultural/political thing and as such there is room for separate awards/events/places to hang out/funding.

    Another analogy: Classical music has separate events/awards ceremonies. It can be part of the mainstream: classical music sales do count towards the main album charts but rarely does a classical track cross over and become a mainstream hit. So, the classical charts/awards exist to highlight and encourage a sector that might not otherwise get the opportunities that, say, rock music does.

    Classical music is great, and it would be super if sales were high enough to reach into the mainstream, but it’s not for everyone.

    Forgive the tortuous analogies!

  8. If it was confined to straight bloggers, there might be a bit of complaining.

    Or white people.

    What about Best Blog By Someone Who Fucks Badgers?

  9. As a Clockmaking Badger Fucker I object to the tone of this argument.

  10. Best be off for my violin lesson now so keep it down will you?

  11. Cian says:

    If you’re interisted in doing a once off paper, drop me a line. Maybe for the blog awards or something?

    I’ve worked on the design of two student newspapers and one magazine. More so, I’d love the chance to do something like the ‘Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet 2008.’

    If nothing more I can pass you on the details of cheap UK-based printers.

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