Fluffy Links – Monday 12th January 2009

Go Naill and iFoods.tv people. Nice injection of cash!

Congrats to Pat Phelan for getting featured in the Business Post.

And congrats to Keith Bohanna and the lads in DB Twang for getting featured too.

Meanwhile Sharon’s Gordon aka the Husband lays into Homeopathy.

Via Stephen – An event for manager types that lost their jobs. Starting Today it’s called.

New blog. Fionn Murtagh.

Nice juxtaposition of the modern and er the new.

Great writing advice from Cory Doctorow. Doesn’t even have to apply to writing a book. It can be for anything.

I do like this opening hours sign.

Liking this t-shirt.

Via Aisle One: Massimo Vignelli has published a 96 page book on better understanding typography in graphic design. PDF here.

The Dodos – Fools

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Monday 12th January 2009”

  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks Damien.

    That’s brillaint news about Niall. Well done to him.

    (I hope for years to get a fluffy link, the pinacle of recognition in the Irish blog world, and my husband gets one on his 1st post!)