The assault on Blacknight’s coffers is working!

I’ve heard that 13 people signed up to new hosting packages with Blacknight already thanks to that last blog post. Not bad in 24 hours. You have until midnight tonight to use the 25% off shared hosting voucher, the code is: mulley

You don’t need to be a blogger to avail. 25% off is a pretty damned fine discount.

Photo owned by ralmonline (cc)

5 Responses to “The assault on Blacknight’s coffers is working!”

  1. ryan says:

    fantastic! Just signed up. Sick of downtime on sql servers on another certain irish hosting company.

  2. ryan says:

    That’s a shame… just had to close my account only about 2 hours after signing up. Didn’t read the small print first and found that no SSH access is available on shared hosting. Will have to stick with the dodgy sql servers for another year.

  3. Michele says:


    If you need SSH access we recommend our VPS plans


  4. ryan says:

    Thanks Michele, but for what I’m hosting at the moment, a VPS is overkill. Currently on a €50 a year package and it’s more than enough 🙂

  5. Michele says:


    Well we’re not going to give SSH access on our new shared platform, as we want to ensure a stable hosting platform