Labour politician playing runaway knock in Meath

Labour politician Mick McLoughlin has been brazingly playing runaway knock at the Garda Station in his locality. If you vote for Beverly Cooper Flynn, the cow, then you have to vote for someone with a website called Mcloughlin4Dunshaughlin. Genius.

You can just feel the “Bring it on Garda mofos” attitude as he Mick presses the bell. Check out that pose:
Bring it Garda bitches

And does he leg it far? No he does not! Here he is down the street, not even running that far. Bring it!
Bring it MORE!

and if it wasn’t bad playing mindgames with the cop shop, he’s doing the same with the County Council. Not that they’d answer it. Not their job according to their union rep:
Come on County Council, bring it!!!

13 Responses to “Labour politician playing runaway knock in Meath”

  1. Mark says:

    This one takes the biscuit

  2. Mark says:

    Ah HTML not accepted on comments, scrap that last one. I was refering to this one btw×225.jpg

  3. Shocking behaviour. I’m non-union tuting here. Tut.

  4. Markham says:

    Policies: Leanin’ on stuff, lookin’ surly. Leavin’ the last letter off verbs and replacin’ it with an apostrophe.

  5. He’s not leavin’ the last letter off verbs. He’s leavin’ the last letter off participles. Ya kno’ what I mea’?

  6. Aidan says:

    If he could only smile, in his new jacket.

    i think all he needs now is a Richie Kavanagh song to go with his local election campaign about all he’ll do in Dunshaughlin. the song would write its self. lol

  7. cgarvey says:

    In the third photo, that’s not a Canterbury Body Armour vest he’s wearing, it’s just his shirt collar flapped over the suit in a weird way.

    What? I’m the *only* one who was wondering? C’mmmoooooonnnnn

  8. Brian says:

    You know, if only someone had the time to put together a version of “Where in the world is Mick McLoughlin”. Go go team Photoshop, I’m sure you can come up with some interesting locations…

  9. Green Ink says:

    That is Richie Kavanagh. He’s had his hair amputated.

  10. TUG says:

    Janey.. Dunshaughlin is actually a real place?? I thought it was only a rumour made up to scare children…

  11. Laura McGonigle says:

    i never laughed so much – if you look at his site – the picture on the home page – he has a fabulous check shirt

  12. Imagine his personals ad. “Middle aged man enjoys looking surly in photos, seeks partner with similar interests”

  13. Andrew says:

    I knew Peter Griffin was a real person.