Fluffy Links – Tuesday 23rd of December 2008

Government Minister threatens to politically punish David Norris. Wow.

Collision Course. When bloggers and PR and Marketing peeps smash their heads together.

Win a few hundred euros worth of prizes by getting your readers to recycle mobile phones.

Irish SeedCampers will gladly share their experiences. Nice one Robin and David!

I didn’t realise Liv had a blog too. Now I do!

WiFi in hospitals? Hell yes.

Colm talks about how delighted eircom are these days.

How to start an allotment in Ireland.

New blog. Thomas Brunkard.

Twitter ahead of the news media in Greek riots. So fucking what! “Mobile phones ahead of news media”. “Voice ahead of news media”.

This is the example our pols should be following. Oh hang on, it is.

Via Album.ie Ra Ra Riot – “Ghost Under Rocks”

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  1. Thank you kindly for the link Damien.