And let us not forget the media in our thanks

The wise men have gotten their praise but despite blogs and twitter and all this “citizen journalism” it is traditional media that connects those with the technologies and the new business ideas to those with the money and the power. In Ireland especially, the media still have a strong role when it comes to a business getting custom, name recognition and connections with possible investors, suitors and partners.

Isaiah thanks Santa for his gift
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A few people in the media (but they’re not the only ones) got my attention this year for their tireless work in spreading the news about Irish Tech companies.

We have John Collins from the Irish Times who is a wise and patient person and who has gone out of his way again and again to give Irish companies coverage in his paper. John is a very decent guy with a thorough grasp on technology and business. It’s great to see that they have made him acting Assistant Business Editor in the Irish Times now. Something he has more than earned.

We then have Marie Boran and John Kennedy in Silicon Republic who again work very bloody hard at giving exposure to many Irish companies and are always happy to chat on the phone about what you’re working on. They’ve also given up work and personal time to come along to events too. A lot of companies are quite grateful for the coverage they got. SiliconRepublic also contribute to the Irish Indos coverage of tech too so they’ve really spread the news far and wide.

In the Sunday Business Post we have Adrian Weckler, Emma Kennedy and Dick O’Brien who between them cover technology and business.

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