Getting my stuff done

Edit: Now with extra D!

12 Responses to “Getting my stuff done”

  1. johnbillion says:

    That video is actually about me. Fact.

  2. Darragh says:

    – johnbillion and me, right down to the squeaky chair distracting me from getting my stuff done.

  3. Niall O'K says:

    – johnbillion, Darragh and me, right down to doing an entire weekly shop when I don’t want hunger to distract me from getting my stuff done.

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  5. Burkie says:

    had to pop over to mulley to watch this video before getting my stuff done, but now my boiled egg is ready so that’ll get cold so i’ll eat that before getting my stuff done, but then mulley might post again so i’ll check back before getting my stuff done

  6. Sarah says:

    ha! that’s so me, down to the desk cleaning and food shopping.. so its not just me eh?.. 🙂

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  8. David Behan says:

    That was so me today! 😀

  9. kieran says:

    I like that video. Have to say though. It’s not easy to work from 5.01pm to 12 on your own business ventures, especially when you are in office to 7pm and secondly trying to ensure you still have some time for a partner, friends etc …

  10. Quickroute says:

    If procrastination was a religion, I’d be a saint

  11. Eoin says:

    @QR: if procrastination was a way of life….wait. I’ll be back once I do this one last thing. No, wait there, I will be back. honest.

  12. cian ginty says:

    Dealing with emails…

    No new mail! There’s always Google News if you’re looking for something to read.
    …that’s not a message I’m used to seeing. I used to leave email I needed to do something about in my inbox, but that’s really a bad way…