Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 25th 2008

Agree with Michele, recession me arse if the staff in a store don’t bother serving you.

The Nora Dunne Gallery officially opens on Saturday in Kimmage. Well done to Karen Harper for all the hard work.

Via Donal, a good list of Sean Fhocails.

Can’t believe Ireland.com took James’ account away.

Peter is blogging the journey of his Facebook App.

Dominic Hannigan picks up on the Blackberry Storm Paddy Tax.

Stephen mentions a new Independent candidate for Cork City at the locals called Mick Finn. Independents generally have more spine.

Christmas. Oh my.

Dostoyevsky is on twitter.

Google looks at preinstalling Chrome on computers. Hopefully by then it will suck less. Awful piece of software right now.

Via Seán: Burger King are now dropping wallets around US Cities as a marketing tactic.

Congrats to Shel Israel and his new Twitter book.

Via Matt, Call on me – Super Sexy Vid Version. Warnings apply.

7 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 25th 2008”

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  2. TUG says:

    Seems a bit weird that you actively want people to be in fear for their jobs.

  3. johnmryan says:

    ThankX so much for the erm vid, scarred now

    BTW Huge Grats to u

  4. Mick Finn… ‘independent’ my arse. He was working for FF TD John Dennehy until he was ejected from the Dail last year, according to his own website.

    Looks like yet another FF pissed-at-the-current-cuts type, who will no doubt rejoin the fold shortly after the council elections if people fall for it and vote for him.

  5. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the link Damien.

    John you may be right or you may not be. I don’t know the man. Must work on that survey and see if that turns up anything interesting.

  6. danny says:

    don’t think he’ll go to FF. he can be a stubborn fucker when he wants to be and hasn’t much time for anyone in the party. he has lots of people helping him across the spectrum and hes extremely loyal to whoever is loyal to him. going back to ff isn’t an option ide say. just to say I am a helper.

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