Thanks everyone, my iPhone is back

Photo owned by JP Puerta (cc)

I may have mentioned previously that due to headbutting a wall at high speed my iPhone no longer worked. The screen was smashed to bits. Gordon decided to organise a whip around for me as a thanks for the Irish Web Awards and many people were too generous and put money into a paypal account for me.

Well this week I got my iPhone repaired by the very helpful people at FM Mobiles (thanks for the tip Cathal) in Camden Street (come back in an hour and it’ll be ready they said!) and so the money donated by Gordon and all the rest of the very nice people ensured that my iPhone is back and working. There was no way in hell that I’d get an iPhone from o2 with those terrible terms and conditions. I had considered one of the legit Italian iPhones but they’re bloody pricey.

It’s pretty sad to admit it but my reliance on the iPhone was staggering. I was constantly connected from waking to sleep with the digital world. Email, Twitter and all the rest. While the iPhone was lying on my desk awaiting repair I was using a Nokia N95 and what a frustrating experience it was to go from an iPhone to that. Too many buttons, way too many, even taking a picture was a pain in the hole. Setting the alarm on it was annoying too.

Apple might be right old fuckers for the price of the iPhone and allowing carriers to lock people into contracts for so long but they know how to make a product that becomes an extension of someone and doesn’t interfere with their natural movements. Hopefully the next iteration of Nokia phones respect that concept. I must go and try one of the new Blackberry’s though. I think they’re the second most hyped phone this year.

3 Responses to “Thanks everyone, my iPhone is back”

  1. Declan says:

    Welcome back to the iFold 🙂 You’re right, it is amazing how dependent I’ve become on my iPhone. I now find it weird to log onto web mail so even when I have my laptop open I still check email on the iPhone. I dont travel with the laptop, the iPhone is enough for what I want. I’d freak if I broke mine and had to depend on the old Sony Ericsson.

  2. Des says:

    Maybe you should get a rubber phone for chucking against the wall in times of stress or maybe have the iPhone on a leash so that it can’t be thrown too far.

  3. Nellboy says:

    Hey Damien

    agreed on the iPhone and o2 being a pack of thieving c*nts… I’m with o2, and i’m seriously considering reneging on the deal… I did it before with Vodafone over a disputed bill (I didn’t pay for one month, and they charged me 300 euro just to cut me off – then they wanted to charge me a reconnection fee)… I refused to pay, they told me it would affect my credit rating, so I asked my bank manager, and he told me not at all, and not to pay the bill…

    so there!