We can cry now, yes?

Not Sleeping Tonight
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The world watched tonight because this was a world election, with just Americans voting in it. All those people that were frustrated with their lives, their countries, the world around them just wanted a new regime and their American brothers and sisters voted for it tonight. Thank you.

Is Obama our new saviour? Have we the citizens of the world built him and his campaign up so much to represent the opposite of all that is so wrong with the world today? It seems so. That’s unfair though.

I don’t think we’ll irrationally expect this man to sort every problem but the way he has shown himself and led his team will see us expect to make the right decisions and tough decisions and explain why and hopefully the most powerful man in the world will inspire other world leaders and local leaders.

Did the world sigh? I think it just did after holding our breath for 8 years with massive hurting in the past 6 months as the last of that oxygen went away. Now we go to sleep without having to worry about tomorrow for a change, someone is watching over us and will for four years. Now we breathe and now we cry some happy tears. Thanks America.

17 Responses to “We can cry now, yes?”

  1. Darragh says:

    You ould sentimental fella Mulley. Lovely post. Very apt.

  2. Mike says:

    Loud Applause Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant This is a victory for sharing and fairness
    thanks for the post Damien so well written
    Well done America
    I’m off to Twitterland

  3. roosta says:

    Mulley 2012!

    Well said sir.

  4. Fiona says:

    What an inspiring, energising night (despite the lack of sleep). And for the record, I bawled me eyes out.

  5. Aidan says:

    i got to bed a 5:20am in then end , i had to hear his speech, a historic moment for America and the world. It was a moment when you will remember when where you were when it happened, brilliant post Damien, well written.

  6. *nods head in approval and agreement* 🙂

  7. TUG says:

    The disillusionment is going to be great!

  8. TheChrisD says:

    €20 says he turns corrupt.

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  10. Craig says:

    “Now we go to sleep without having to worry about tomorrow for a change, someone is watching over us and will for four years. ”

    You might find yourself less delirious with joy a year from now Damian… Obama faces an economic crisis, a huge fiscal and trade deficit, the continuing threat of terrorism, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to resolve. Who knows, all the Obama supporters may soon find themselves ready to hate America again all too soon!

  11. M Buckley says:

    A very lyrical and interesting piece.

    Thank you for sharing, Damien.

    I’m now wondering, a little puzzled,
    who “we” are.

    Has it turned into a “Them” and “Us” World?

  12. MJ says:

    I think I must be the only person in Ireland who didn’t stay up all night to watch this. It was a nice wake-up call when Today FM’s 7am newsreel told me that the world was going to be ok gain…

  13. Damien says:

    @Craig I think it’s like he’s been left with a bomb but it’s better with him handling it than McCain or worse, Bush. All about the steady hand.

  14. M Buckley says:

    A very fine post.

    I tried and failed to comment here earlier.

    The piece may be found on moderntwist2.blogspot.com.

    As always, you keep people thinking, Damien.

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  16. Kieran says:

    Hear, hear! Hope is a powerful tonic.

  17. Tom Young says:


    Best of luck.

    Make sure it’s not a SNAFU.