Fluffy Links – November 5th 2008

This was written when I was tired and emotional.

Revolution Cycle (worldwide charity cycle) presentation in Cork tomorrow night. Go along if you can.

No, thank you Niall.

Via Niall too is Ray Foley’s reaction to the Brand and fuckface thing. Pretty spot on.

Markham Nolan (feck’s sake stop being linked to) asks are the RTE blogs being ghostwritten?

Fianna Fáil had a bad day yesterday. One TD was in Court for the assault charges. One was sentenced for drunk driving. The rest are just…

Amazon kinda go green packaging Damn.

Uncov guy writes for the Register, takes apart Microsoft’s Azure civil service in the cloud.

Top designer on Threadless now has his own store. Glennz.

Outside Line did Diesel’s 30th gig. Love the tech they used in it.

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – November 5th 2008”

  1. Markham says:

    Sincere apologies

  2. emordino says:

    Nads to going green, Amazon are going not-cutting-the-fucking-hands-off-people. This made me lol.

  3. dahamsta says:

    I won’t comment on Markham’s post because it was an unfair conclusion to jump to.

    Stephen Fry‘s blog posts often show up as “asampson” in Google Reader, because Andrew Sampson is the guy that develops his website and set the blog up for him. It’s a common occurrence, and a very silly thing to get all shouty about.