Welcome back, Bloglines readers

Bloglines has been fecked the past week and a bit so you probably only got my last week’s worth of content yesterday and today. Sorry for the avalanche, nothing I could do. I’m on Bloglines myself and saw a lot of feeds restored yesterday, some showing hundreds of unread blog posts. Since Bloglines is going down the toilet by the looks of it, I think I’ll move to a better reader but not Google Reader, it’s fat and clunky.

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6 Responses to “Welcome back, Bloglines readers”

  1. This is happening far to regularly with bloglines now.

    I’ll be interested to see what the decent alternatives are.

  2. Cormac says:

    A few months ago I would have recommended Netvibes in a flash. Now…not so. I am currently on the look out for a better reader other than GReader too. Had a poke at PageFlakes but ran from it while I still had my sanity to spare.

    I’m currently suffering with Netvibes and NetNewsWire as a desktop reader but would love to read some alternatives too.

    I contemplated using Twitter as a reader and would love to make an app that could read an OPML file of your feeds and could then display feed entries as Tweets from a private Twitter A/C that only you can follow. That’d be nice.

    A possible monetization route for Twitter too if they ever realise you need to make money to survive.

  3. Niall says:

    I will not be happy if Bloglines worsens. I have like a million feeds on the thing.

  4. Tim says:

    Google Reader is clunky but it’s the only one that I can use in work- the firewalls will allow me to access any Google apps that have http://www.google/blah blah in the url so can access GR and iGoogle at least. All other feed readers I have tried are blocked…and quite a few blogs as well but at least I can view the text in GR.

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  6. Can’t see any problems with reader other than it ocassionally stops working when I have speed issues. The better GReader firefox add on makes it all I could want.