Fluffy Links – Monday October 20th 2008

I can blog it now. Congrats Sarah, she’s now writing for the Irish Times. Send Johnny Waters our love!

Nialler made IGIF. G’wan!

Check out the graph by Rob on o2 iPhone data costs.

Finetuna is getting some fine mentions these days. Well done Alan and crew.

No landing gear? Yes problem. Mattresses might not work well.

Horse feathers are playing this side of the Atlantic. Shame they’re not coming to Ireland. Well worth a listen to.

Congrats to Simon Collister on his new job.

Robert Francis Wine doing videos now. Yay.

Someone years back put Steve Jobs in his place.

The CAO is a private business? Is this not anti-competitive? Never seen a tender to run the CAO.

What a fab piece of art.

Sam Sethi has a blog type thingymajig going now. Eh oh Sam!

If you’ve read the Frank Miller Batman graphic novels you’ll appreciate it more. Text from Miller’s Batman put on to the camp 60s show screenshots.

How to fix the Firefox 2 second video issue. (It’s actually a flash issue) Doesn’t work for me.

Go NY Times. API to campaign finance data. I wish an Irish news org would do something like this.

Bjork – Human Behaviour (live)

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Monday October 20th 2008”

  1. I would think (from something I read in the past and my experience) that the members (more or less the same as the owners) of the CAO are the universities. They wouldn’t necessarily have to run a tender.

    HEAnet is somewhat similar I would think.