Cupcake Heaven

Another of the special surprises at the Web Awards were the amazing cupcakes by Dublin Cupcakes. It was Jason that got on to me about them, suggesting them for the event and knowing I like to have something on the night that was not announced in advance. After being to Interesting in London this year and Moo sponsoring some wonderful cupcakes I thought they’d work well at Irish events too. Who doesn’t like sugar rushes? I then forgot about pursuing the idea.

Here are some pics taken by the folks from Dublin Cupcakes on the night:


Just like the Made in Hollywood people, me blogging about this was not part of the deal, this is me big upping them because I’m so happy with what they brought to the Awards and the great service. I’ll happily use them again for other events. If you want to chat to them you can get them at: cupcakes [ AT ] or on 087-9629293

2 Responses to “Cupcake Heaven”

  1. McAWilliams says:

    nyom nyom, no more to be said except what an amazing display they put on and did I say nyom nyom?

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