Made in Hollywood – Props for the Web Awards props!

Fran Hollywood via David got in contact with me before the Web Awards, wondering could he help out in any way. Now Ireland is scattered with mini-Ws and a few large ones are about the place too for example:

Rick and the gang at the Web Awards

Muzu TV and Web Awards

Rick and Ws

Now that we’ve used these props this year, we’re going to have to outdo ourselves at both the Blog Awards and the Web Awards 09. Fran doesn’t make props as his main business, it’s a sideline to show what he can do with expanded polystyrene foam, a lot of what he does is for builders and architects that want to create various shapes which can’t be done with wood or might be too heavy for concrete.

I think we’ll have Fran blogging soon enough, right? Meanwhile check out Made in Hollywood and if you need things made in 3D, they might be the crowd for you.

11 Responses to “Made in Hollywood – Props for the Web Awards props!”

  1. Neil says:

    I’m one of those who has a mini-W in my bedroom. I tried snatching a giant one, but the last one was last seen exciting the room in the hands of the homeless bum….

  2. Ken Stanley says:

    Some people didn’t like your W’s, Damien.

  3. Phil O'Kane says:

    i wanted one, but forgot…

  4. Sinéad says:

    Woke up on Sunday morning to find no W of any size in my bag.

    There. Were. Tears.

  5. David Behan says:

    We’ll have Fran’s new site live in a few weeks and we’ll be putting a full portfolio online, which might be able to give you a few ideas for props for next year.

    How about a giant keyboard and mouse or even a giant macbook or something like that?

    I’ll let you know when the site is live and I have Fran in the blogsphere!

    Rgds, Dave

  6. I have a W on my mantle… woo.

  7. Burkie says:

    Proud owner of 3 w’s 🙂

  8. Sabrina Dent says:

    Proud owner of one W 🙂 I’d have two but Burkie stole the lot.

    As for Made in Hollywood, I am in all seriousness calling them to ask if they can make me a bath tub. I see a think with showers on their site so why not?

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