Indiecater reissue old Irish albums

Sun Bear Front Cover

Kevin mp3hugger sent out a mass email last evening about a project of theirs – Indiecater. Their latest release is a reissue by an Irish band called Sunbear

From the email:

Just getting in touch with all the movers and shakers in the Irish blogosphere to let you know that we’ve finished our second digital reissue and this time it is from an Irish band called Sunbear. Sunbear only released 1 LP (and a number of EP’s) but it was a classic. The thing was not many people got to hear it in 1994, when it was originally released, as there were only 1,000 copies ever made. This despite being stalwarts on the seminal ‘No Disco’ programme. Now as part of our ongoing mission to release long deleted classics indiecater has made Sunbear available for download for a recessionary-proof price of €3.50 (no 1% or 2% levies!!!).

I think this is such a great idea and a total work of passion. It reminds me in a way of those people that restore old films or work hard to make sure an unnoticed classic gets more attention. Reissuing deleted albums from bands that should have gotten more coverage – genius. And at €3.50 for the album it’s quite cheap and you can even stream it before you buy it. Well done

4 Responses to “Indiecater reissue old Irish albums”

  1. kirstie says:

    now, there’s a blast from de past.

  2. TUG says:

    Great idea, pity I have that record already!!!

  3. Paul says:

    I know this is probably a bit of a long-shot but has anyone any idea if it would be possible to get a real copy of this album, i.e. on cd (or vinyl i guess). I had it on tape but can’t find it and it’s bloody bril. An old pal of mine, Niall, who contributed/contributes to hot press mag introduced me to the album back in the day! I loved it then and it’ll always be Qualiteeee! Anywho, any help would be greatly appreciated as I’ve checked online and any second hand music store I’ve visited around the world.

  4. Patrick says:

    If you still want a cd copy of this album reply contact me through