Fluffy Links – Wednesday October 15th 2008

Want copies/replacements of your Web Award Trophies?

The Official Web Awards photos.

Suzy has a list of more of the cuts, more like stabbings.

XKCD’s idea of YouTube reading your comments back to you becomes a reality.

The Irish Times now has a Business Blog. And a Twitter account.

Nuntastic. Fantastic photo by Red Mum.

Piaras has a list of the Science Week lectures. Patrick C is giving one.

In defense of piracy. A great Lessig essay.

Irish Bloke’s blog.

Stephen Fowler’s recruitment blog.

Jimbo C said to check this out. So do.

Una Rocks was Una Right. This is a brilliant TV review from Patrick Freyne.

Want to write for traffic to your blog? TechCrunch shows how.

The Beeb start turning some of their newsroom over to the public. Jeff Jarvis will love this.

Want to watch Hulu TV but not stateside? This will work.

The Flaming Lips have a movie coming out.

Martin from Interactive Return interviewed me for their Online Marketing video show. They were aiming for 5 minutes, never going to happen with a Mulley being asked questions…

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday October 15th 2008”

  1. TheChrisD says:

    The YouTube Audio Previews is good, except for the fact that the button is in the same place where “Post Comment” used to be. So now I’m hitting the preview nearly every time…

  2. manuel says:

    I could hug you for the Hulu buster…….awesome-o

  3. Sharon says:

    Have a wee squeeze from me too for the Hulu thing.
    Top man.