Fluffy Links – Saturday 27th September 2008

Since I missed them yesterday.

So are the Golden Spiders going through the short lists of the Irish Web Awards, pimping for business? If they are, great, because all those sites deserve the attention. Pity they’re being asked to cough up money and pay to play at the Spiders.

Free book!

The Websters’ Dictionary aims to educate on the web’s potential to motivate groups and enact change on broader issues, all while keeping in mind the complexities inherent in organizing movements online.

Well that demo about the Property Market did well. Tonnes of coverage including the Indo.

Amherst college.

Students in the class of 2012 who registered computers, IPhones, game consoles, etc. on the campus network by the end of the day on August 24th, the day they moved into their dorm rooms: 370 students registered 443 devices.

Fabulist has a great piece on George Formby and his wife.

They were not, they were told, to perform before black or mixed audiences. They were to perform to whites only. Beryl got on the phone – ‘Why don’t you piss off, you horrible little man?’, she declared, and hung up.

George and Beryl cancelled their planned tour. They performed instead a free 20-show circuit, to black shanty-towns and halls only.

The wine tasting at Bubble Brothers went well. Julian blogs it up.

So Google patented a phone that can easily and automatically switch carriers in an area depending on price. Yeah, all you need then is a set of mobile carriers that are cutthroat and are not in a comfortable monopoly/duopoly/rigged market. Not going to happen anytime soon is it?

The Earth Dies Screaming: Tom Waits music set to 28 Weeks Later:

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Saturday 27th September 2008”

  1. Ralph Benko says:

    Hi Damien! Thank you so much for drawing attention to The Websters’ Dictionary! I do hop you will download it and take a moment to peruse it. Your thoughts on it would be of keen interest. And what a strange coincidence that you juxtaposed it with my alma mater, Amherst, whom I had recently contacted to encourage them to give it a look….

    The Webster

  2. […] Damien got to it first, I spotted this patent in Techcrunch. I hope they consider contributing it to the […]

  3. As a boy i had a George Formby record. It was great fun and i can still sing (without tune) the songs 🙂

  4. Eoin says:

    Formby is an oft-neglected musical genius and did a great line in single entendres.