Irish Comms Minister uses to get feedback.

I’m impressed. Post here. And it was him, not a handler or some joker.

The event the Minister is inviting people to is a roundtable discussion or rather 12 tables of people discussing the Broadband issues. Representatives from Govt, the telcos, consumers, the regulator and wider industry will be at each table, if I correctly recall what I was told.

Places are limited so if you want to have your voice heard you can join the NGB discussion forum on Spammado
and give your replies to questions there. It’s very odd though that the forum is marked as private and invite only. It should be made public for people to read the replies from people. It also has pathetic rules (stored in a powerpoint file)such as “We will delete any bad language!”.

How does one call bullshit in a succint way? When you do enter that forum (if given access), you’ll see it almost right away.

Despite all those issues, please do try and join and get your opinion viewed. If you have issues let me know, you can always post your comments here.

5 Responses to “Irish Comms Minister uses to get feedback.”

  1. fair play for organising this… great stuff

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  3. Ian says:

    Another way to say bullshit…how about bull nuggets 🙂

  4. Say it in Irish: cach tairbh

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