Fluffy Links – Wednesday September 17th 2008

Brilliant. Joe created a custom Google search for Irish Entrepenurs looking for Government information.

Irish blogger likes everything, everyone, every.

Southern Fried – the Munster Hockey blog.

iFoods.tv are looking for feedback on how they do their blog/vids.

The Awards for Commercial-free Schools are on Friday 26th of September.

Nialler talks the new Juana Molina album. I’ll be getting that thank you. Shame she’s playing Cork the night of the Web Awards. Maybe she can play them instead?

Green Ink is watching the little things about Eamon Ryan.

1.3M for the Dáil tuck shop where all the chocolate melts during the Summer COS IT’S MADE OF GLASS!

This job spec from NixonMcInnes is amazing. Their company philosophy is a powerful way to run a business. Or else they’re just hippies. I did notice a flower in Will’s hair the last time I saw him.

Fantastic use of Freedom of Information requests. But I would say that with all the ones I do.

Liking this t-shirt.

The Subways – Rock N Roll Queen

7 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday September 17th 2008”

  1. red mum says:

    “This job spec from NixonMcInnes is amazing. ”

    Wow it really is 🙂

  2. Neil says:

    That’s the most incredible job description. So, Brighton is where paradise resides now?

  3. Niamh says:

    I thought so too! I wish that company gave lessons in job specs. So many employers believe that a job spec has to be a written in a particular way and only refer to certain things – or even just use very basic, catchall templates – this is a wonderful example of just what a job spec can be. Plus it looks like an amazing company to work for. Sigh. (I do like my job – honest)

  4. Keith says:

    You have to wonder how the company actually functions with a job spec like that! Maybe Brighton-ians don’t take advantage like Irish web-savvy workers would.

  5. Hi Damien,

    I’ve put the search engine on a more memorable URL,



  6. Ian says:

    Unfortunately you couldn’t use FOI like that in Ireland – because the Gardai are not bloody well subject to FOI – out of 27 member countries in the Council of Europe only 1 has a police force not subject to FOI!

  7. Tom Nixon says:

    Yes we are just hippies, and yes Will does look great with a flower in his hair 🙂

    Thanks for linking to it!