Fluffy Links – Monday August 25th 2008

New site: I’m Not a Racist But. I wonder where it points to?

Cork ExpressionEngine Meetup. Counihans bar, Cork Wednesday 27th August

Don’t forget the Digital Island Cork meetup the following evening.

Frank talks about Blood and Bandage a new theatre fest for Cork from September to October.

Wolf Parade, November 29th in Andrew’s Lane Theatre.

Fluffy, Pinky, Red, Clucky links, now we have Chibi Links.

Eh? Via Value Ireland

It’s against data protection regulations to let consumers know that they are potentially at risk of having money stolen from them. It’s against data protection regulations to give consumers the information that they would need in order to allow them protect themselves against being ripped off by credit card skimmers.

Meanwhile Bank of Ireland will not release the report the Data Protection Commissioner did on their laptop thefts.

Michele asks is the Irish Internet prudish? Well the Irish Domain Registry are. Banned Porn.ie from being registered, for example.

Irish Rail. Not always cunty.

Downing Street has a little fun and the Tories moan over it. Check out the YouTube video:

7 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday August 25th 2008”

  1. Darren says:

    Thank you for the nod, Sir.

  2. Tom Young says:

    Can one FOI the report from the Data Protection Commission or is it subject to Data Protection 😉

  3. BEHOLD the formidable power of the internets.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if “imnotaracistbut.com” sees Brian Hayes desperately trying to contact Enda to see if there’s any way to salvage something from the ruins of his political career.

    Unlikely, after such a hilarious PWNING.

    Bravo anonymous internet japester!

    Of course, this has the added bonus of providing lazy hacks with some mindless page-filler, e.g. “When contacted by the Sunday Scrote, Mr Hayes said he had ‘no comment to make’ on the contents of the website”.

    Make that a double bravo.

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  5. klaraflame says:

    Thanks for the mention. 🙂

  6. I don’t see it. Sorry.

    It’s hard to see how Brian Hayes could be regarded as a racist. After all, he was talking about language difference, not race, and I think he was referring to other Europeans’ children as much as to those from Asia or Africa.

    As usual, people were very quick to jump on the PC bandwagon instead of asking whether he was addressing a legitimate point, however clumsily.

    I don’t know. Maybe there isn’t a problem. What are teachers saying about it? Are they having to devote tooo much time helping children with no English, or did Brian Hayes just make it up?

    If so, he’s an idiot, but I don’t see how he can be called a racist.

    It’s a cheap shot, in my opinion.

  7. Confirmation received from the Data Protection Commissioner that there are no rules or regulations that would have prevented IPSO or the credit card providers from publicising which shops were impacted by this skimming –