TechLudd comes to Cork (at last) Thursday 28th August

Anton just confirmed that TechLudd is going to be at the Cork Airport International Hotel on Thu evening August 28th.

People from Cork, Waterford, Kerry and Limerick should consider coming along to this. Companies can also demo their products. Come along, g’wan.

4 Responses to “TechLudd comes to Cork (at last) Thursday 28th August”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Last time it was on in Dublin there was plenty of free booze, compliments of dotMobi. Great night out, met loads of people and had an awesome hangover the following day. Would well recommend it.

  2. Mike says:

    Will be there hopefully
    thanks for the info Damien

  3. Tom Young says:

    Does TechLudd mean ‘Technology Luddites’? If so, can you explain?

  4. Anton emailed saying there was free bevvies. Elecie Picie the next day…but very tempted to go along and start proceedings early. If I have all my tent pegs in order, I’ll be there 🙂