Fluffy Links – Friday August 15th 2008

Check out Susan’s lovely Stony River Farm blog. Nice reading in it.

Nice post (yet another) from MJ about how to get funding in Ireland if you’re a business.

Teehee or oooer, you decide. CloudSteph points out RTE‘s Olympic gallery almost shows nudey bits.

Photobooth. Nice idea for events. But everyone has a camera these days.

Jim points out Fionn Regan is playing an intimate gig in November in Dublin. Avail.

Via Enda: No need to buy that app on the App Store to use your iPhone’s 3g to get your laptop online.

Ah handy. Make a toastie without cheese going everywhere in the toaster.

Polaroid kill off the polaroid and bring back… a camera with a printer?

A book on light and architecture. Check out the power station and roller coaster.

Mayhem. It’s like the Joker planned this.

Yup. Get yourself fired from Burger King by having a bath in their giant sink and stick the video of it on YouTube.

Via Sizemore – Far North trailer:

Especially for B’Dum B’Dum B’Dum

7 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday August 15th 2008”

  1. Neil says:

    I really, really wanted to like Fionn Regan. However, his gig in Whelan’s last year sucked donkey balls beyond belief, and whenever I hear him now, I’m filled with the urge to give him a bit of a slap….

  2. We got those toastie bags at an Ideal Homes Exhibition (which by-the-by is actually Hell On Earth) and they’re fantastic! Ohh and well done to Steph on being fluffed – seeing as we work together and she’s sitting about 8 feet from me right now does that give our office the hightest fluffer ratio in Dublin?

  3. Steph says:

    Thanks for the fluffing, here’s to more almost nudeyness from RTE, and of course more of that wonderful commentary from George Hamilton & Co. Comedy gold.

  4. My Cousin Vinny! One of those films I haven’t watched in years due to being a comedy with Joe Pesci in it… Lethal Weapon 4 put me off comedies with Gibson and Pesci, Chris Rock was too good to give up on and I had too much sympathy for Danny Glover

  5. Great catch with the Olympics photos and kudos to Steph & Mulley for the fluff. But..if we’re talking the ‘arty’ ones…NSFW? Where do you work? A convent? In 1955?

  6. Steph says:

    Thankfully Richard, I don’t spend my days in a convent (any longer) but I know of at least one or two places where being seen checking out the ‘arty’ ones would be questioned by higher powers.

  7. Phil says:

    my granny has those toastie bags.