Using Blogs and Twitter to give blood?

Via Kerry is a story how via Twitter, a blood drive was organised in Austin, Texas. At the same time Will McInnes has a great blog post on how we the diggerati split our time between talking, thinking and doing and maybe we should do more of the doing.

As well as generating a huge amount of buzz on Twitter and the blogosphere far more importantly it led to 100 donations that day, may from first time donors.

A great idea. The Irish Blood Transfusion Service are always looking for people to donate blood and there are loads that probably would donate if their peers around them are also doing so. Shouldn’t social media (still dislike the term) also be about empowering people and getting them to be social and helping society?

I don’t like many charities. I have a particular dislike for African charities and those gimps on the street that harass you on their behalf. I don’t think giving money to an org is the best thing to do most of the time so actually giving blood without harassment, that’s good.

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So what’s a geeky way of organising a blood drive and who’ll help organise it? Online sign-up form? Limited number? The Austin drive billed it as “exclusive” as only 100 people could sign up. The buzz generated on Twitter and Facebook got the momentum going and people turned up in droves. It seems afte ryou give blood the IBTS do clever things like text updates etc. to let you know when they’re next about or phone you up when they’re at crunch time so that bit is sorted. Should there be an aim to get 40 new people to donate blood and be brought there by experienced people?

Should local businesses sponsor the refreshments afterwards? Pillows to faint on have been sponsored by Swan beds? Booze by diageo.

Oh and who’ll organise such a thing? Not gonna be me. Your turn.

10 Responses to “Using Blogs and Twitter to give blood?”

  1. Grannymar says:

    A mobile unit parked up at Podcamp or the Blog Awards would have a captive audience with plenty of supporters (peer pressure) to give it a go!

    Alas they won’t take my blood anymore – heart condition prevents that. It would be nice to think that if GM needed blood the Toyboys would queue up to help her!

  2. Sinéad says:

    This is a great idea, but it’s a pity the IBTS health and lifestyle questionnaire is a complete and utter homophobic FAIL.

  3. Darragh says:

    I can’t give blood either, but I like the sentiment and the idea Damien. Nice one.

  4. MJ says:

    They won’t take my life-liquid either! I thought I was all alone in my banishment, how nice that I can share this burden 😉

    Have never felt so repulsive (even during the worst hangover) as when they said “I’m sorry, you’ve lived in malaria-ridden land, you may be a carrier, we can’t take your blood…” – the idea that you can’t help by donating is an awful one so if some kind soul with tons of time does organise something, I’d love to help out by helping them!

  5. Branedy says:

    I’m tainted too, between the rat poison, TB antigens and the nasty wart on my nose.

  6. Cian says:

    Would give blood, can’t give blood. Due to a practice the IBTS publicly admit is discriminatory.

    And I’m O- also, which is the most widely usable (yet relatively rare) type too. Their loss, and possibly someone elses life lost.

  7. […] don’t reach out online, the same way that the Irish Blood Transfusion Service don’t, as pointed out by Damien. They are really missing out on the abundance of altruistic internet users and the numerous […]

  8. PK says:

    They also don’t allow you to give blood if you handle monkeys or their fluids! (I think that is a rather new one since I last gave three years ago.) I went ahead and said no to that question but despite these things, I thought I’d thank Damien for motivating me to do something after reading his blog. A nice change from just talking about doing things for once.

  9. bhattathiri says:

    Blood donation is a noble help for a noble cause without any financial lose. Youth may promote the same.

  10. Jay74 says:

    Blood banks across the world except for one or two countries do not except blood from gay men. This is not something the irish blood bank just made up! Yeah its not fair but people still need blood so boycotting them is a stupid idea