Tuesday Push 30th July 2008 – Pix.ie

Pronounce it Pixie. Yeah? Good.


The blurb:

Pixie is a popular photo sharing site based in Ireland. Launched in August 2007, Pixie has registered users from over 120 countries and is currently storing millions of images on their behalf. Pixie’s free service which includes an upload quota of 500MB/month, is used by both professional and amateur photographers, families, friends, students, charities and photo bloggers, i.e. everyone!

So yes, an Irish Flickr some will say but it’s a tad easier to get your stuff out of Pix.ie. Tried that with Flickr recently? It also looks prettier.

But what I personally like more (Jesus when did I become a capitalist?) is the fact that they allow co-branding and commercial profiles. Promoters also get access to the Pix.ie commercial API which can feed live photo streams of their event or competition back to their official site. Throw in blogs and discussion forums too and you have a really nice hosted social platform for events and promotions. Why build something and self-host for a limited-time event? Makes sense. I also hear that groups are on the way.

Also, the way the images are displayed are much nicer than Flickr too and as has been spotted by those rascally Irish bloggers, they’ve got a nice deal going with Guinness Storehouse where people upload the photos they took at the Guiness Storehouse to Pix.ie.

That 3D gallery looks great, so spread the word about Pix.ie

Pixie and Guinness

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  3. Cheers Damien! Always good to get a push first thing on a Tuesday morning! 😉

    The screenshot above is using our API to pull photos from the Guinness Storehouse group on Pixie and display then back on the Storehouse site. This is one of the first high profile apps to hook up to Pixie and we are pretty excited about the idea that we’re going to start seeing more and more integrations like this.

    Both the API (which uses OAuth) and group features are in private beta at the moment and will be launching to the public shortly.

    If anyone wants to get on the list to “play”, just send us a quick email!


  4. red mum says:

    I do call pixie ‘pix DOT ie’. Trying hard to stop but it slips out before I know it.

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  6. If you have photos lying around of a trip to the Guinness Storehouse, you can enter their competition through here: http://www.guinness-storehouse.com/Photo-Competition.aspx

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