Fluffy Links – Monday July 14th 2008

Don’t forget the Facebook competition I’m running.

Via Riemann’s Cut – JazzClub er Cork Jazz Festival blog.

An Authors@Google video: Farhad Manjoo wrote “True Enough” a book where he presents findings from psychology, sociology, political science, and economics to show how new technologies are prompting the cultural ascendancy of belief over fact. 9/11 for a start.

The Irish Travel Agents Association now have a blog and discuss various current travel topics.

Typography badges. Mmmmm. Nice.

What a clever green marketing idea. Or almost green.

The “Low-Car Diet.” Beginning 21 July 2008, Zipcar are challenging North Americans to go car-free for a full 30 days. They will replace participants’ car keys with a complimentary transit pass, a free one-year Zipcar membership, drive time credit and a number of other perks from local partners. In the New York City area, Zoo York will aid the car-less participants by donating skateboards.

A twitter timeline if there was a zombie attack.

Fast art.

Looks like the guy that did that calendar of hot Mormon guys is in trouble with his church.


Max Payne Official Movie Trailer

Neon Neon: I Lust U featuring Cate Le Bon

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Monday July 14th 2008”

  1. Damien,

    love the zipcar pimp [!] I wonder would that work in Dublin?? ‘skate-boarders hog up the bus lanes…’ – coz we dont have enough cycle paths…. that’d be a great photo!