Not in the Sunday Papers – 13th July 2008

Via JazzBiscuit: A video showing stupidly placed advertising signage in Dublin or an excuse to mow down a pedestrian:

This is very old but well worth looking at again. EllyBabes talks about what happens to our digital bits afer we die or simply get divorced.

My friend Rob finally got his blog going. Ranty McRantathon. It’s not called that though it will be known as that from now on.

Talk to Daniel if you want someone to build you Bebo apps.

Photo owned by foxypar4 (cc)

4 Responses to “Not in the Sunday Papers – 13th July 2008”

  1. d@\/e says:

    I like that official naming of a blog I wonder what Rob thinks 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    Mr. Mulley, thanks very much for the link 😀 Humm wonder if the name will stick, if it does I’m gonna bake ya that Cunt Cake, haha.

  3. Stephen O says:

    Whoever put those advertising units in those locations should be ashamed. So dangerous

  4. Dónal says:

    Video not working, damn Youtube!