Join the Muff Diving Club and buy a t-shirt

It exists. There’s a town called Muff in County Donegal in Ireland. And they have a diving club. They also have t-shirts.

Muff Divers

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Update: While on honeymoon I drove carefully through Muff.

17 Responses to “Join the Muff Diving Club and buy a t-shirt”

  1. Lar Veale says:

    Dugg! Brilliant. I could see this becoming cult, much to the consternation of Muff’s Parish Priest.

  2. Damien says:

    @Lar will he say “Down with this sort of thing”?

  3. Deborah says:

    Hysterical! Stumbled.

  4. jason roe says:

    Love it LOL.. Dugg!

  5. Ballwatcher says:

    Brilliant, I had to order a t-shirt. Going to use it to annoy the family at a wedding I’m going to if it arrives in time

  6. red mum says:

    My pal had a No 1 Muff keyring from one of the local shops!

  7. just laughed my socks off!!! genius.. yeah damien down with this sort of thing!! brilliant

  8. Trinity says:

    is tha the same Muff that Jet2 airline took the p@*s out of a while back in an advert of theirs? Caused major consternation it did. I’m sure the ad is still somewhere on youtube.
    If I’m not mistaken Muff have a Muff festival in August as well 🙂

  9. JL Pagano says:

    Must go down there and check it out…

  10. Tom Murphy says:

    Aboslutely brilliant… it’s funny how the adolescent humour kicks in on a Friday.. much needed

  11. Andrew says:

    I’m not sure if this is real…

    It’s not registered on this scuba club directory for one,

    They don’t have any contact details up for the club, which is a bit odd… and yet they have a massive shop with lots of muff diving club goodies!

    Oh well, doesn’t make it any less amusing. Shame they don’t sell badges, people could pin it next to their fluffy badge.

  12. Keyring from the Top shop in Muff : []

    Sadly, the shop has been replaced by a much less amusing Tescos (iirc), but these keyrings were much sought after items while the shop was open.

    (I’m originally from Buncrana.. not too far from Muff).

  13. red mum says:

    ahhh it wasn’t a number one muff keyring it was top muff 🙂

  14. I was 5 years old when i won that title at the muff festival.
    the festival is held every year on the first weekend in August.(they do sell T-shirts)
    im from there and aside from the very amusing jokes….(that get very old very quickly) you cannot dive unless you intend to do it in a bath or the river Foyle… not recemmended!! lol
    As for the top keyrings you can still get them from staff at the garage who saved loads when they were available. My sister works there.
    And it is now texaco not tesco. They gave the keyrings away with petrol and diesel… some are on ebay!

  15. ahrp976 says:

    And now for your entertainment its the 2nd Annual Muff ChristmasFestival!
    On Thursday 11th December 2008.

    “2nd annual Christmas festival,
    Join us for an evening of entertainment for adults & children to switch on our christmas tree lights.
    Very special guests during the evening including Mr & Mrs Claus, The Elves, Muff youth choir, Muff accordian band and much much more……..

    Light refreshments will be served
    All Welcome
    Thursday 11th in Squealin’ Pig car park
    Carol service from 6:30pm”