Millions (well over a Million) come to

I started logging traffic using Statcounter on June 11th 2005. The number on the counter thingy hit a million a few hours ago. That’s a million unique visitors. Not hits. Not pageviews. I’m quite happy that on average I’m getting 330k unique visitors a year to this blog. I’m happy with that but happier with the repeat visitors. Those that stop by each morning or are subscribed and read the blog in a feed reader or by email. Thank you all for visiting and coming back. The majority of you have made me a better blogger. Some of you would really want to lighten up though! 🙂

Party on Garth! Reach for the lasers:
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46 Responses to “Millions (well over a Million) come to”

  1. Congrats Damien! That’s a great milestone to reach.

    I’ll be honest and say I’m one of those retards that doesn’t like the C word but I already mentioned that on Twitter a while back.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Phil says:

    quite an achievement, though i go to your site every time im at a computer so it looks like its lots of different people 😉

  3. way to go damo. I don’t eat meat nor would I do the C word on my blog but that is my choice and would not seek to have you that way. You have your particular and personal take on things – be proud 🙂


  4. Twenty Major says:

    Well done, you cunting retard.

  5. Des says:

    Well done on your first million.

    Goes to show that content wins out over words when push comes to shove…though I’m also not a fan of the c-word and generally feel that posting language should be moderate in blogs.

    However I accept that there are times when one has to fuckin’ explode….

  6. Aidan says:

    if only you were to get a euro a visit, well done all the same. heres to the next one 🙂

  7. Alexia says:

    Everyone is pussy-footing around the cunt word like it’s bad. Just a bloody word. More importantly, congrats on the magic number.

  8. pat phelan says:

    Congrats on hitting the magic number

  9. Noel says:

    Congratulations Damien. I’m glad to be one in a million.

    Keep up the good work.


  10. Gavin says:

    My lead slowly erodes…lol.

    Congrats though dude, it’s a rather nice round number. Here’s to the next 10 million!

  11. John says:

    Keep swearing your way to the next million

  12. Dan Barry says:

    Well done Damien!

  13. You must feel more used than a tart at Mr Kipling’s Christmas knees up. Keep on trucking.

  14. 1 mill! Zoinks!
    well done!

  15. Gordon says:

    Wow, Well done. Quite happy with all words used on the blog.

  16. Andy says:

    Nice one – well done Mulley!

  17. Great news. Keep up the hard work

  18. Greg Watkins says:

    Great job, it shows that the Irish tech community is growing now into a formidable force. Nice JOB… We will have to get you to one of our Silicon Ireland events!

  19. John Keyes says:

    Cunt! Eh, that’s the beauty o’ thee, lass!’ – D.H. Lawerence

    Well done sir, keep it going.

  20. Paul McClean says:

    Good job, Damien 🙂

  21. manuel says:

    that’s just awesome……well done fella!

  22. darragh says:

    fair play to you Damien. Well done.

  23. There is language which is clear, which is unequivocal and which leaves the reader in no doubt as to what the writer means.

    And then there is bad language …

    Congratulations on always achieving the former Damien.

  24. Jim Carroll says:

    Have you a gender breakdown on that million, dude? 😉

    Here’s to a million more (readers, not legal letters)


  25. Grannymar says:

    Some people use words I don’t understant.
    Some people use words I can’t spell.
    Some people use words I don’t like.

    Will they stop me reading? NO WAY!

    Hail to the King!

    I wonder how many decades I’ll have to blog to reach that milestone?

  26. Sinéad C says:

    Where did you get the time to train all those monkies?

  27. Branedy says:

    Congrads, of all the people I know, you are one of them 😉

  28. Terrrific milestone Damien,… onward and upward.

  29. Anthony says:

    What’s this talk of the magic number? It’s 3. A million however is quite a milestone. Well done Mulley.

  30. Mike says:

    Well done Damien. Well deserved…. you cant gag inteligent informed free speach
    See you in Newtown this afternoon

  31. tatoca says:

    congratulations! i read you everyday and will keep reading you!
    please keep the foul words coming, it’s not the same without the odd curse 🙂

  32. Andrew says:

    People that over-react to words are stoooopid.

  33. conor says:

    Congratulations – that is a brilliant achievement ! Well done & continued success,


  34. Conor B says:

    Well done Damien,that’s a huge milestone to achieve.

  35. aphrodite says:

    Can you feel the love in the room?
    Love you babes, keep on truckin!

  36. Hmm. Catching up with you there Damo, ya mad fuckin bastard.

    Why can’t everyone open up their stats? What are they afraid of?

  37. Philip says:

    Many congrats and glad to have been six or seven a week of that
    number. For the record I always check via rss and then usually bring up the page (because it’s so interesting).

    As for the language question, I’ve never understood why calling someone an intimate body part was considered an insult, when, according to one’s preference, most people like those same parts very much. Anyone enlighten me, please? Or, as Alexia says, it’s just a word. In which case in this context it doesn’t mean an intimate body part at all. Right?

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  39. Twenty Major says:

    Why can’t everyone open up their stats? What are they afraid of?

    They’re afraid of you.

  40. DeadFly says:

    Are you telling me that Irish visitor are complaining about swearing – now that is really quite something.

  41. Well done that man.

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  43. John ONeill says:

    I’m most impressed with your stats. I don’t see any ads on your site. Am I blind? Is a site of the visibility and traffic level your one commands not very valuable from an advertising perspective? Have you made money from your blog? I hope so ’cause if you haven’t, who can? Maybe your blog is altruistic and you don’t want to make money from it. I dunno. I’m stumped.
    Congrats again. Also, I’m not a great fan of vulgarites but not horrified enough to refuse Tommy Tiernan tickets.