That PutPlace feeling


This is the first of the companies to be covered on The Tuesday Push. PutPlace, as their blurb states does this: “secure, organize and share your digital life”. Think about all the media that you have all over the place: On cameras, iPods, memory cards, portable drives, that old battered laptop you’ve kept as there are some docs on it that you might use someday…

So imagine all of that data was nuked/wiped/drowned. Well PutPlace allows you firstly to see what you have, then sort it, then back it up. Then if you want to push that stuff to another place, you can do that.

That PutPlace feeling is knowing all those digital bits and bobs are sorted. I do like the case studies part of the site. PutPlace is currently in Beta so it’s free to use. They recently opened up to public beta so are looking for testers. So you’ll get 2 gigs of unlimited space (during beta) to back up all your digital pieces and they’ll be backed up in a sensible way, not you just mass uploading stuff from folders.

Please consider trying out and reviewing PutPlace or talk it up on your blog.

11 Responses to “That PutPlace feeling”

  1. Hi Damien,

    During the beta there is no limit to what you can upload. When we finish the beta all testers will have three months to decide whether to convert to the paying service or move their content somewhere else. We will move their content at no cost.

    We are currently working on a Mac client for all your lucky Mac users out there, and that should be available in a few months time.

    Joe Drumgoole

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  3. Ivan says:

    I lost 300gigs of stuff a while back on a LACIE piece of crap hard-drive. Tried several online backups, including Mozy which is slow slow slow.

    I started playing with PutPlace cost Joe asked me a few months back and now use it because it works. I suppose he’s gonna want me to pay for it now 🙂

    Point it at a couple of directories and it just sits there and does its thing. I don’t think about it. Lots of extra features, bells and whistles to come which will make it slicker and do more I’m sure. But for now Putplace has focused on the important bit imho, getting your content reliably outta your house and into the cloud. Good job Joe & Co.

  4. Phil O'Kane says:

    the online backup thing could be great, but when you got hundreds of gigabytes you want backed up its gonna be a long process.
    i look forward to checking it out when its available on mac.

  5. Elana says:

    I’ve signed up for it, and am a beta tester, but no OSX support, so no joy. Bummer.

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