Of crisps and chocolate

In a discussion on Sunday night with some of the folks from Salesfoce and Coda and other companies, I mentioned the notion of eating chocolate with crisps. It seems the non-Irish (everyone there except me) were a little disconcerted at the idea of having a pack of crisps and eating a chocolate bar at the same time or just after. It appears to be a foreign concept in many parts of the (not so apparently) civilised world.

Questions were flying at me like the time between eating the crisps and then having the chocolate or was it at same time, the flavour of the crisps (when I said cheese and onion there was uproar!) and I was also asked would white chocolate be used. Vile. No.

Who else likes having their crisps and choccies at the same time?

Tayto Mountain
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plus these:
French Chocolate Brownies  0608
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= yumm.

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  1. Val says:

    Thank you Jane! 😀

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