is live – Shane’s blog not on new site, the new site for the Irish Times and with another new design is now live. First reaction is I’m not too gone on it, too like the Guardian Berliner design. I liked the old white background. I don’t like the cream coloured background. It also looks like Shane’s fantastic blog, mothballed as it is, is not on the new site. Meaning that our cries and foot-stamping shouts of “You’ll be back, they always come back” were wrong. Jim’s is still there and Conor’s as is Mark Hennessy’s blog. No new blogs yet. Please please bring in new bloggers.

3 Responses to “ is live – Shane’s blog not on new site”

  1. Adam says:

    It’s there alright – maybe just a bit hidden:

  2. Was looking at adding their feeds onto but most of the feeds just lead to the main page, like the opinions one. Looks like they have a bit of work to do yet, should not have launched it without getting all this sorted!

  3. […] that I just cant figure out. Of course no blogs as we’d expect from the IT [Update: Damien found them, I’m obviously blind]. The weather feature is a great touch (hover over the weather in the […]