Beamish discovers the Interweb

Check out this press release:

Beamish Stout Launches New Digital Marketing Initiative

Thursday, 26th June 2008: Beamish Stout has today announced its first venture into digital marketing with an exclusive promotion on the popular Cork community website, The promotion is part of a new advertising strategy by Beamish Stout, which will ensure the Stout has a presence on the popular website for two weeks from today, 26th June 2008. is an event website that displays all the latest news and entertainment from Cork City and County. To launch its presence on the website, Beamish Stout is offering two lucky visitors to the site, the chance to win a trip to the historic Beamish & Crawford brewery in Cork City. The visitors will be given an exclusive guided tour of the landmark building in South Main Street, which lies in the heart of what was the medieval city.

and if you go to their front page. Not one mention of Beamish.

Beamish-free PROC

Uhm. This is their first venture into digital marketing? Is it so viral that it’s the size of a real virus and is invisible, am I a pawn in their viral marketing game? Oh my god I need a pint of delicious and creamy Beamish Stout. Yummmmm.

[subliminal viral text] Drink Beamish stout or you’ll turn gay, except if you’re a woman cos lesbians already like stout so keep drinking! [/subliminal viral text]

6 Responses to “Beamish discovers the Interweb”

  1. dahamsta says:

    I think you’re missing the point Damien. If you go to the PROC website and meet the locals, the only think that can help you is a vat of Beamish. Or possibly a shotgun and a piece of string.


  2. Seriously, how anybody could stomach Beamish is beyond me. I’ve nothing but bad, bad memories of various student promotions they ran when I was in CIT. Urgh!

  3. johnbillion says:

    Looks like there’s a little Beamish ad on the site now:

    Maybe that’s what their campaign amounts to.

  4. Alexia says:

    @dahamsta: What’s wrong with Cork? Why the hate?

  5. Niall O'K says:

    So the press release came out a bit early and hey hadn’t updated the web site yet at the time. It’s there now. What, really, is the big deal?

    It’s just a competition to win a tour of the brewery…