Fluffy Links – Wednesday 25th June 2008

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A letter to Rachel.

iGaelige – An blag nua ag Concubhar Ó Liatháin.

Rowan chats to Ryan about getting that elusive pay rise.

Well there are a few games left – Euro2008 coverage by Fustar.

Niall Kitson is a-blogging.

Reporter on murders turns out to be murderer. That’ll be a film so. He even had a bad relationship with his mother.

Weezer and 200 of their fans sing Radiohead.

Karl Lagerfield on his first day as a lorry (pronounced lurry) driver.

I want. Or Wantsies.

Via Fabulist:

Via Robin:

8 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday 25th June 2008”

  1. Niall Kitson says:

    Thanks for the link. What will those Weezer guys ever do next?

  2. Love the Weezer video.

  3. Darren says:

    That Weezer vid is awesome. Cheers!

  4. UnaRocks says:

    wantsies that lightbulb bath thing SO BAD!

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  6. cw says:

    I am getting one of those bath things.

    No question about it.

  7. I often wandered about that blag word, as Gaeilge.

    If blog is a contraction of weblog, what’s blag short for?

  8. It’s not a contraction – it’s an import with adjustments. That’s it really – there’s an effort to get blog translated to Cinn Lae Idirlíne – but you can see yourself that blag is shorter and easier. It’s good really to see the Irish language developing beyond its traditional boundaries – and blag seems to have got the approval of the powers that be as there’s a Comórtas Blagála at this year’s OIreachtas na Gaeilge!