Business Blogging Training – Open sourcing it

I’ve been doing this Business Blogging Training lark for over a year at this stage both privately and in public training events and it’s a lot of fun and you get a great kick when you see new bloggers come online from these events. There is however a lack of good trainers in this area and too many “consultants”. Ones without blogs! I’d like to see more competition in this area as it’s healthy for companies and healthy for me to have competition. There’s a need for fresh air and new thoughts in this area.

To help this along I’m going to “open source” my training, in a way. I’ll give away all my course material (once I add some of the latest additions after recent courses) and put them online but in addition to this I’ll happily train up to 12 people (for free) in how I train people in Business Blogging.

Are you interested? I’ll be doing this course on a Saturday and more than likely in Cork. Probably everyone’s fav funky Hotel. But I might be convinced to do another in Dublin or elsewhere. 🙂
There are of course some conditions if you want to sign up:

0. You’re a blogger already.
1. You agree to start offering the courses after being trained and give at least one free public Business Blogging Training Course (like I did in Cork and Dublin).
2. You agree (though it’s not enforceable and screw is subjective) to not screw people over on charging them for your courses.
3. If you use my material you give attribution somewhere and you should strongly consider also open sourcing your training material.

The more people with a clue giving these courses and updating training material and giving it away, the better for those giving the training and receiving the training.

Send me an email damien < at > with the subjectline “Train the trainers” if you want to take part. There are no guarantees you’ll make the cut. I’ve a feeling there might be an over-subscription. 🙂

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15 Responses to “Business Blogging Training – Open sourcing it”

  1. Deborah says:

    Yep – sign me up so! Course I think you should come to the Midlands, keep everyone happy. You can stay here and I’ll feed you! But I’m biased! 🙂

  2. Des Walsh says:

    Well done, Damien. I find it so irritating where I live when I see events being promoted with people with no evident blogging activity being featured as experts who are going to tell local bizoids how to use blogs for profit. I’d love to do the course myself, but it’s a bit far for me to go :). It would be great if you could get someone to video the event.

  3. S says:

    Wouldn’t mind getting involved. Suggest you put it under a Creative Commons license so it’s not plagerised by evil corporations 😉

    I wonder if Cork is mapped in my GPS? Har, har!

  4. paul says:

    This is a great idea, and a very generous offer too. Fair play to ya Damien. If only I could make it back to Munich for it. 🙁

    All the best with it !


  5. Darragh says:

    Great idea sir, email on the way 🙂

  6. David says:

    Any excuse to get out of Dublin for a while – just how subjective does the screw interpretation need to be??

  7. Mike Kelly says:

    Brilliant idea Damien

  8. Sabrina Dent says:

    I’m easily trained, I fetch on command, and I like belly rubs.

  9. Mary says:

    Hi Damien well done, great idea. I’m up for it too. Nothing like a trip to the Peoples Republic to whet the appetite!

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  11. Krishna De says:

    Damien – that’s so generous of you and I’m looking forward to hear of more business blogs starting up in Ireland

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  14. Leslie says:

    Have sent you a mail – I think this is a great opportunity for bloggers – I know I am a few months behind, but just came across this.

  15. Hi Damien.

    I am interested in business blogging. How can I get your notes.