Fluffy Links – Tuesday June 3rd 2008

This week is going to be quite busy for me so blogging will be on the seriously light side. We’ll all survive, right?

May Blog Post of the Month announced here later today.

Heard the one about the French banning online sales of wine? Except it’s not a joke.

Yes indeed. The other John Waters is doing a show.

Paddy Considine is doing a workshop at the Darklight Festival.

The IIA are setting up a social media working group. They’re looking for applications now.

Nick Wall has compiled a list of 50 favourite songs by 50 of his favourite Irish artists.

What a clever piece of art.

New blog by Gavin and Ciara.

I want ALL of these t-shirts.

Via Emmet, Snakes on a building:

Bon Iver – Flume

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday June 3rd 2008”

  1. Rick says:

    No, frankly we won’t survive. Why don’t you love us any more daddy….?


    Your hyperlinking is even getting questionable 😉