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Bruce Springsteen Review

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

I think I might have two Springsteen albums, I’ve never been to any of his shows before and I’ve seen most of my favourite artists live before but Bruce Springsteen is by far the best live performer I’ve ever seen.


Bruce Springsteen acts for all intents and purposes like the 16 year old kid that’s been plucked from the audience to sing and play onstage with his favourite band. Time and time again on Sunday night Springsteen was giddy with excitement looking all around him like he was living his dream. And so he was. He gave every second of every song his all as if any minute now they’d ask him to finish up and go back into the mob of fans and enjoy the rest of the show as a ticket holder and observe the band on stage.

Funniest moment was when he was on his back, legs and crotch into the audience singing away and some woman saw herself on the big screen and started fanning his crotch with her straw cowboy hat. Brilliant. The sound I thought was crap but we were far away as the pic shows. I’d go again for sure.

Jim and Shane have more on it too.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday May 27th 2008

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Back, miss me? I missed you too.
There is no punchline.

G’wan and go to Una’s club night.

Green Ink doing well on Google Images.

Noel has an interesting take on Labour and Lisbon. Clever.

Indo no oh loveo Dear Lovero blogo. Shame.

Rick got a bazzer. Really nice too fella!

Innovation in the UK regional media.

Twitter’s blog post about another outage has the boss accidently nuking the comments after he presses the wrong button. Says it all?

Ammado, Spammado – A social network that spams

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Ammado spams a lot of Irish bloggers but it’s for a good cause so that’s ok apparently. They also lecture me in the comments of Justin’s blog. Think of the children. Fuck you Ammado and your fucking vapourware website.

So in case you didn’t see it on Michele’s blog or Justin’s, Ammado a social network for NGOs or some such thing decided to whore their site in the guise of an appeal for help with the UNHCR. A long list of bloggers were targeted because what, we give a shit? Not me.

This is the excuse and non-apology left on Justin’s blog, though they called him Jason. They got his email right but failed to do the same in the comments. Fucktards:

My name is Anna Kupka and I am part of the ammado team. On behalf of ammado I would like to apologize to you and those who feel that ammado spammed them with unsolicited emails. We sent out an appeal to the blogosphere as we believe that you guys are in the best position to spread the word about the humanitarian crises which are happening around the world.

We didn’t expect that this appeal would be regarded as spam and were obviously mistaken in this assumption. Our sincerest apologies for this – we will do our very best to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. We are still in beta (redesigning the site right now which will be launched in June). Processes have yet to be optimized and as we aspire to continue to be a site which wins people’s trust, we will do our very best to avoid a repeat of this situation. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you want to discuss further, best regards, Anna

What a load of bollox. If you talk yourself up at the IIA Congress and all over the press over the past few months as having a clue about people and the web you have no excuse whatsoever for spamming and for your lack of understanding of one of the most basic tenets of the Internet. The Beta excuse is insulting and the non-apology apology is bad too. How come the apologies didn’t come from Peter Conlon since he sent the email or did he? If he didn’t then I think that new consumer law and false representations could get these shills into further trouble. As is I’ll be making a complaint to my friends in the Data Privacy Commissioner’s office and contacting whatever the nearest UNHCR office is and asking them to confirm they gave permission for the spamming. I’m sure the search engine hit of the three blog posts (so far) about this will also leave a sting. (Justin’s Ammado post is already 3rd in Google.)

I wonder will Ammado publicly respond to the following questions:
Where did you get my email address and everyone elses? Did you harvest them? Who sanctioned this?
How are my details stored?
Who sent the email?

While Pat Phelan is more forgiving, like he was when iFoods spammed a load of bloggers (yet again) (cos he’s of the nice guy breed) I will not be. Spam is a serious issue that is not considered by the many morons who decide to start a web business and who seem to think that a blogger and their email address is another business tool that can be used and abused in any which way to make them money. Around the same time as the Ammado spam I got a very nice email from a guy also with a web service which was personalised and solicited an opinion from me, not suggested I blog about some UNHCR stuff which will also help spread the word about spammado. I’ll give some time to that guy, Ammado have only increased the dislike I have for them after their second comment on Justin’s blog. Expect nothing less from spammers without a clue about technology.

More from Alexia and Suzy.

Told you so

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Well I did:

Fine Gael voting machine in the Ilac Centre, maybe they’ll do better in Poshrock.


Stewart came up with a better suggestion.

Off to see Bruce

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Back Monday evening.

Internet Marketing – Campaign Measurement with YouTube and Feedburner

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

This is the another in a series of posts about measurement. I’ve written previously about how to monitor what people are saying about you online and the tools mentioned are great ways of seeing what blogs, websites, people on Twitter and people on YouTube are saying about you. stewart Curry has also written a great post on it. These same tools are the same ones you can use to monitor and gauge the effectiveness of an Internet Marketing Campaign that you might be running.

But there are a few more ways of course. Take the previous post and the Facebook measurement post and the below into account when you are running a campaign.

Measuring your Internet Marketing campaign on YouTube

YouTube now has “Insights” for your videos. They supply some fantastic stats now that shows you how many viewed the video, where they came from, how they came to find it, their gender and age groups etc. With all these details you can give se exactly how effective you were and even amend live campaigns due to the data.

Here are some stats on my David Lynch on an iPhone video, 20k views and YouTube breaks it down for me which is great:

The four tabs for stats:
YouTube Stats

Stats the public can also see:
YouTube Stats

Graph goodness:
YouTube Stats

There’s a lot more stats too so log in and have a look. The Google Blog gives more details about YouTube Insights. This is a good Washington Post article on how marketing companies use it too.

Measuring your Internet Marketing campaign blog with Feedburner

Feedburner, also owned by Google helps you monitor your blog feed subscriptions. You can see how many people are subbed to your blog, where they come from, what blog posts they found most interesting, what feed reader they used and who is subbed to the blog via email. You can export data to Excel and you should be able to track growth rate and other stats over time with this.

Feedburner Stats

Feedburner Stats

Feedburner Stats

Fluffy Links – Friday May 23rd 2008

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

I’m actually not here. I’m in Dublin after seeing this guy play last night. Around for a while if you wanna say hello. There’s another Internet Marketing post going live around midday today if you want to call back 🙂

Getting around the block – Beating procrastination / writers block

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

A short discussion on Twitter got me to write this article about writers block and procrastination. I’ve found that the same techniques can be applied to both really and these are my opinions on things that work for me, they might not work for you.

Motivational Poster
Photo owned by Simon Davison (cc)

The biggest obstacle is that big obstacle.

Procrastination causes procrastination because of the sheer size of the object that needs tackling. Everything can be broken down into smaller parts though. The key for me is to get some momentum going again by doing something quick and small and getting an almost instant reward. Buoyed by that, start tackling other bits until the bits get bigger and that large object of tasks starts getting smaller. Eventually you’ll have enough momentum going to take on the core piece which is still weighty but you can take it on by then.

Writing is like this too. Forget the big long essay or thought-piece. Pick a subject and give a quick summary of it. Do the same for a few more subjects. Short snappy comments. After a while you’ll not be happy with the shortness of those and off you’ll go on a riff and a riff from that riff. Many of the longer blog posts I’ve written started off as a single sentence comment from a Fluffy Link but I found I couldn’t stop after that first sentence. Funnily once you get that long piece done you have enough positive energy and momentum going that you want to write more and more.

135 of 365
Photo owned by GIRLintheCAFE (cc)

Do not plan your attack too much.

Planning is a trap there in itself. You’ll put all your thoughts and energies into planning how to tackle the obstacle insteading of shaving pieces off it and then you run out of time. Study is the classic one. How many people who put off their study started off by cleaning their room? After the room is cleaned then comes sorting all the notes into nice sections. It’ll make the study easier certainly when you eventually get around to it but that pile of notes will sort itself eventually if you dive in to tackling one subject head on straight away.

Well that works for me. I don’t have a step three or four or five. What works for you?

New Fine Gael website on Europe/Lisbon

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

From that FG email mentioned already today is also news of their pro-Lisbon website – Heart of Europe.

From said email:

Enda will launch a new campaign website on Friday morning – – and in conjunction with this, we will have banner ads on most of the breaking news websites. Our Dublin Campaign will be formally launched on Friday also.

All those breaking news sites also do Google ads. The No people can just run their ads next to yours.

There’s nothing on the site just yet, though Google does throw up some pages behind the splash screen. G’wan, have a nose. It’s not hacking…

Green Ink had his way with their logo:
Fine Gael Heart of Europe

Beating the Heart of Europe.

This is the original: Fine Gael Heart of Europe

But lads, exists. People are going to Google Heart of Europe and that will come up. Or type it in forgetting the hyphens.

Fluffy Links – Thursday May 22nd 2008

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Firstly, happy birthday to Pat Phelan, a friend, an inspiration and a mentor (without evening knowing it).

From Debz: Frugal Ireland.

With the Celtic Tiger crumbling around us, it is time to tighten our belts.

This site aims to bring tips, advice and tricks on how to do just that. From ways to save on petrol to the latest supermarket deals, we aim to bring you the latest news.

One post is on a dining card for good enough restaurants where you’ll get 2 for 1 deals.

Excellent WordPress SEO tips from Frank.

New blog. Fictional Sheep.

Samuel Bowman’s Tumble blog. With added penguins!

Put your lifestream on your website or blog.

Mmm, sexy skin for my iPhone.

iPhone owners pay attention.

Good call UK, one life spared.

Kid Rock – American Badass, so bad it’s … stupid.