Bruce Springsteen Review

I think I might have two Springsteen albums, I’ve never been to any of his shows before and I’ve seen most of my favourite artists live before but Bruce Springsteen is by far the best live performer I’ve ever seen.


Bruce Springsteen acts for all intents and purposes like the 16 year old kid that’s been plucked from the audience to sing and play onstage with his favourite band. Time and time again on Sunday night Springsteen was giddy with excitement looking all around him like he was living his dream. And so he was. He gave every second of every song his all as if any minute now they’d ask him to finish up and go back into the mob of fans and enjoy the rest of the show as a ticket holder and observe the band on stage.

Funniest moment was when he was on his back, legs and crotch into the audience singing away and some woman saw herself on the big screen and started fanning his crotch with her straw cowboy hat. Brilliant. The sound I thought was crap but we were far away as the pic shows. I’d go again for sure.

Jim and Shane have more on it too.

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  1. Johnny says:

    Nice review of gig Damien. Here is a video snip of Born to Run from Friday night – and some photos at

  2. Ben says:

    Watch the Madison Square Garden gig on DVD. . . great show that almost didnt happen due to the NYPD threatening to boycot his show after he said he was gonna play the controversial 41 Shots.

    Bought tickets but had to pass them on to the brother, would have loved to see him! Great review!

  3. Ken McGuire says:

    I’d second that, I’d be there in a heartbeat at his next gig. I’d been to the Seeger Sessions gig in the point (the first night of the November 06 run) and it was an eye opening experience to Bruce as a performer.

    But Jesus, he gave it socks on the Friday in the RDS. Cut out the chit-chat, bang in more songs, and the next one is started before the last one has rang out. Great stuff. Managed to get as far as the barrier before the pit, had an unobstructed view for the gig but the big screens were certainly a massive help.

  4. 73man says:

    Absolutely right Damien. He looked like he was having a ball on Friday night too.

  5. B'dum B'dum says:

    Most the show on Sunday was brilliant, bit of a slow start. He played Rosalita which made my night.
    If the E Street Band ever get to return I think I’ll get tickets for all nights.

    Have a great audio recording of because the night, but unfortunately my singing is louder than his.

    Also why do some people go early to the pit just to stand there with folded arms?

  6. Jo says:

    Ach, all these people who aren’t fans but get to see him anyway! My brother in law said the same. Disgusted! (jeaous)
    Maybe some gigs are worth the absorbitant price, I’d better start saving for the next one.

  7. Good review and you describe Springsteen well – he does seem to be having a ball when he performs. I didn’t get to this show, or the Seeger ones (really wanted to see that). I’m not even a huge Bruce fan but he is just awesome on stage and some of his back catalogue is rock ‘n’ roll legend already.
    Last I saw him was in Belfast years ago when he was doing a solo acoustic tour. Will never forget ‘Murder Incorporated’ stripped down for acoustic guitar – and they way he connected with his audience. Bruce is a class act.

  8. Bunnybun says:

    Bruce is hot! Was there on Sunday night and loved every sec

  9. “I Concur” as they might say in a dodgy medical drama. Was also there Sunday night and it was excellent. Band is just ON FIRE! And your take on Bruce is spot-on – he seems to be having a purple patch, and is a man totally in charge of his material and in-the-moment on stage. I really didn’t want it to end. Hope they come back, but I’m getting nervous that this could be it….

  10. Frank says:

    Shut up all of you. Turned down opportunity to buy tickets coz I was saving for Tom Waits. I bet it was crap really.

  11. Conor says:

    I could hear that concert from my friends house in Harold’s Cross

  12. brenda says:

    Can’t wait for Saturday I’m seeing him in Cardiff. Saw him in Germany in December – fantastic!!!!