Internet Marketing – Campaign Measurement with YouTube and Feedburner

This is the another in a series of posts about measurement. I’ve written previously about how to monitor what people are saying about you online and the tools mentioned are great ways of seeing what blogs, websites, people on Twitter and people on YouTube are saying about you. stewart Curry has also written a great post on it. These same tools are the same ones you can use to monitor and gauge the effectiveness of an Internet Marketing Campaign that you might be running.

But there are a few more ways of course. Take the previous post and the Facebook measurement post and the below into account when you are running a campaign.

Measuring your Internet Marketing campaign on YouTube

YouTube now has “Insights” for your videos. They supply some fantastic stats now that shows you how many viewed the video, where they came from, how they came to find it, their gender and age groups etc. With all these details you can give se exactly how effective you were and even amend live campaigns due to the data.

Here are some stats on my David Lynch on an iPhone video, 20k views and YouTube breaks it down for me which is great:

The four tabs for stats:
YouTube Stats

Stats the public can also see:
YouTube Stats

Graph goodness:
YouTube Stats

There’s a lot more stats too so log in and have a look. The Google Blog gives more details about YouTube Insights. This is a good Washington Post article on how marketing companies use it too.

Measuring your Internet Marketing campaign blog with Feedburner

Feedburner, also owned by Google helps you monitor your blog feed subscriptions. You can see how many people are subbed to your blog, where they come from, what blog posts they found most interesting, what feed reader they used and who is subbed to the blog via email. You can export data to Excel and you should be able to track growth rate and other stats over time with this.

Feedburner Stats

Feedburner Stats

Feedburner Stats

5 Responses to “Internet Marketing – Campaign Measurement with YouTube and Feedburner”

  1. Mmmm, Lynch. Wierd-tastic.

  2. Interesting but I wonder what the ratio between logged in users and visitors to YouTube is? How representative are the insights generated? (Thinking out loud)

  3. B'dum B'dum says:

    Feedburner’s viewcount is pretty useless to me cos of these occasionally huge bursts of google image search results.

  4. EirePreneur says:

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  5. Susan says:

    Interesting article Damien! ;))