Fluffy Links – Wednesday May 14th 2007

BarCamp Belfast – June 21st.

Don’t forget to nominate the Blog Post of the Month for April and May.

Things Younger than John McCain. Alaska!

Fun with notes.

Steven Seagal and emotion. Reminded of Krusty the Clown’s acting prowess.

Nice breakdown of how Get Satisfaction is designed and how simple it works.

Bertie Still beats Cowen on Google at least.

Bank of Ireland must have leaked this after the Financial Regulator smacked their handies.

Cool GAA App for Facebook.

So did Microsoft really block links to YouTube?

Via Burkie, Food Feed clever use of Twitter to log what people are munching on.

The Black Keys – Strange Times:

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday May 14th 2007”

  1. tipster says:

    The annual “Say No To Ageism” week is younger than John McCain: http://www.equality.ie/index.asp?locID=225&docID=721