Post of the week from Darragh.

It’s about Pat Ingoldsby. It’s a must read. I’m certainly thinking of stopping and saying hello and getting one of his books now.

3 Responses to “Post of the week from Darragh.”

  1. dahamsta says:

    I went to see Pat a few years ago in Triskel, really enjoyed it. I hate poetry, but Pat’s so laid back about it it’s more of a cross between a storytelling and an individual chat, in a very fun way. I’d recommend going to see him if the opportunity came up.

  2. Darragh says:

    Thank you Damien. Very much appreciated.

    Though all his books are great, I’d highly recommend Beautiful Cracked Eyes to begin. Tell Pat I said hello 🙂

  3. steoreilly says:

    yeah Pat sure is a decent sort . Fair play to him to stick at what he does come hail , rain or shine.