Fluffy Links – Thursday May 8th 2008

Dedicated to Biffo. Portraits. Some of these are fantastic.

Ryanair being very dodgy.

Faces from around the world. Pick a country, perv on the facepics of those from that country using Google images.

Great great article. New ideas are not unique it seems. In the Air by Gladwell.

Microsoft wanna buy Facebook? Facebook should just take what they want from the MSN and Live portfolio and make something cool. Share revenue then.

The next big Wii game? Boom Bloxx.

Really handy Powerpoint template. Use.

I dunno will you be trusted again if you trick Hollywood stars into turning up to a premier and instead you unveil some product.

Shoulda gone to:

This time last year Enda went head to head with Simon:

Elvis Perkins – While you were sleeping:

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