Arseblog now part of football network

Arseblog is the most successful Irish blog with on average 16k visitors per day. It’s been winning awards left right and centre for years too and is a central hub for all things Gunners. Congrats to the Arseblogger who will now work fulltime on Arseblog which is part of the football network and which itself wants to turn itself into a social network for football. Football fans being the obsessive kind will probably make it a massive success.

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5 Responses to “Arseblog now part of football network”

  1. roosta says:

    congratulations to the Arseblogger! One of my favourite blogs. Well done.

  2. Yeah well done. It’s a great blog and I am a Man Utd. fan . Oh the shame 🙁

  3. arseblogger says:

    Cheers, Damien 😉

  4. Matt Vinyl says:

    The Arseblog is a top site. However since the Ole Ole takeover it doesn’t get past my work firewall. It’s a pain in the nuts. What am I supoosed to do now? Work?

  5. […] is/was an Irish blog about Arsenal. It was sold to this year for an undisclosed sum and the Arseblogger still has full editorial control of the site and works […]