Guest Post: Eamon “I brought sexy back but in a carbon neutral way” Ryan

From time to time I ask some bloggers and other folks to write some guest posts on this blog. A one-time subscriber to this blog has now been invited to talk about social networking and politics. He’s been writing up a storm this week and was also in the Examiner yesterday talking about gases and things. Without further ado here’s Eamo*:


Dearest Mulley followbitches. I interrupt your fluffy posts for this paltry political boredcast. Who’s the sexiest mofo in the Cabinet? ME. Who’s the sexiest mofo in Leinster House? Oh that’d be ME too. The sexiest politician in Ireland? Seeing a pattern? ME.

How do you know I know this? The Facebooks. It doesn’t lie. It told Bertie to resign. He did. (I gave him a big man hug when he left). It told Bertie to take Enda with him. He is. (Ooops spoiler alert) and now the Facebooks command that Eamon Ryan – The Sexiest Politican in Ireland. And who am I to object and who are you to defy their order?

They have great pics of me including the pic that that washup Hasselhoff nicked off me. (His car was not Green friendly you know. Anything called KITT generally expels far too much CO2 anyway.)

Eamon Ryan pics

This is what the group says:

Eamon is the sexiest politican in Ireland. Fact! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And the lovliest…and he’s ours! This group is a celebration and appreciation of his yumminess.

They make me sound like a gummi bear. RAR.

Dancing Bears
Photo owned by tlianza (cc)

So please join the group. Only 9 true believers from Young Elves Greens have joined so far. Social networks are important for politics because there are never enough places to worship me. I googled in the Facebooks but couldn’t find any groups devoted to my always happy and jolly colleague Former TD Senator Dan Boyle. Ah well.

Please however do not misconstrue me being the sexiest for the bestest and fiercest. Papa Bear King Leader Super Gormley with his sandal powered super rothar is that.

Is mise Le Seรƒยกn Lemass.



* Course it’s not him. This is satire. Bad satire but still satire.

3 Responses to “Guest Post: Eamon “I brought sexy back but in a carbon neutral way” Ryan”

  1. MJ says:

    Cryin with laughter ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. stretchneil says:

    Hehehe – LOVE it….

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