Fluffy links – Monday April 21st 2008

Going to the Open Coffee Club BBQ on July 16th?

So so many badges these days.

New Limerick blog, the Celtic Donkey.

Something every blogger needs to watch? Stephen Fry docu on Gutenberg and the printing press.

Stephen’s investigation combines historical detective work and a hands-on challenge. He travels to France and Germany on the trail of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press and early media entrepreneur. Along the way he discovers the lengths Gutenberg went to keep his project secret, explores the role of avaricious investors and unscrupulous competitors, and discovers why printing mattered so much in medieval Europe.

How fantastically analog. Muxtape -> Analog service. Russell Davies will put your muxtape on to a cassette.

Via JP is the brilliant BBC Sound Index on music popularity and it uses iTunes, Amazon, Bebo, mySpace etc. to guage popularity. Check how some are massive on Bebo and how that can generate sales too.

SSH into Mozilla.

Presidential candidates meet with right-wing anti-gay Christian college. No fuss made cos they’re Obama and Clinton and not McCain.

TinyURL, URL.ie and now ZombieURL.

Bruce Schneier at the NJ ACLU

M83 – Graveyard Girl (their new album is pretty damned good)

3 Responses to “Fluffy links – Monday April 21st 2008”

  1. Alexia Golez says:

    The Fry docu is something special. You have to love the ingenuity of Gutenburg, seeing patterns and potential in the technology of 15th Century Europe. It’s also a tale of cautionary tale of engagement with VCs. 🙂

  2. Michael Walsh says:

    JSSH is what I’ve been trying to get working all week… at work.

    Appears to be completely broken in firefox 3 HEAD and can’t get it right on FF 2 – for windows. Anyone got it working?

    Oh, and despite the name, you can use telnet 🙂

  3. Eoin Purcell says:

    Yes that Fry documentary was excellent.
    Watched it on BBC3 last night!