Fluffy Links – Thursday April 17th 2007

You will never enjoy My Little Pony or Magnum PI after this, or maybe you will.

Jazzy and Greeny on the Emergency Planning in Ireland booklets.

Free John Gormley, Tibet can wait.

Jazzy again, take the cars off drunk drivers.

Why not! A facebook group giving out that the Irish Times is too big. Make it Berliner.

The Tony Fenton tree. No wooden or plank jokes.

Facebook has their own trends thingy. See mentions of Twitter versus Jaiku.

Great blog post from Mr Cridland on Radio in a Web 2.0 kinda world. The future, the present. Nice photo.

Skin Cancer is now following you on Twitter. Diseases having social network profiles, this is the future?

Wookie defense. Two girls one cup defense.

So yeah, the world:

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday April 17th 2007”

  1. John B says:

    I like the world video but that minisecond of Bear Grylls ruins it. I can’t stand the sight of him. He’s the worst ‘pale imitation’ TV has seen in years (pale imitation of Roy Mears that is.)

  2. emordino says:

    > “prurient interest to masturbate”

    I wonder if my girlfriend would be into dirty lawyer roleplay.

  3. Green Ink says:

    Bear Grylls is such a lying fuck. He goes out eating scorpions asses for the show but you know rightly he’s got a hang sangwitch and a flask of tea in his backpack.

  4. I see their objection is to the Irish Times in its “current carnation”.