Eamon Ryan – Green Party Sex God

It was in the Indo so it’s beyond fact.

The young wans in the Green Party are hot for Eamon and the lads are gay for him (in the gay way).

During a discussion on how to attract more young people to the party, Louise Archbold of the Young Greens got a bit frisky. “When all else fails, we just put up some Eamon Ryan posters and watch the girls — and some of the boys — sign up,” she said naughtily.

When he was winding up his speech on Saturday, Eamon got a bit passionate. In order to wrap the world in green cloth, he was prepared to take drastic action. “I will take off my jacket. I will take off my shirt!” he announced to a bit of lusty cheering.

Sadly for the womenfolk Eamon kept his shirt on, even when a spot of serious disco shapes were being thrown in the hotel bar late on Saturday night. The minister left the dance floor to vegetable-loving junior minister Trevor Sargent who made like a Mexican jumping bean during ‘Leim Thart’, Des Bishop’s as Gaeilge version of ‘Jump Around’.

Here’s Eamon in all his, er, glory. Of course his Kitt runs on vegetable oil. The fumes after the turbo boost are quite noxious.
Eamon Ryan is the HOFF!

God bless you Green Ink.

Check out these Bebo pics, here’s a good one. The puppet is the pink one. Bottom, middle.
Eamon Ryan is no puppet.

(Yes, Labour Kids, you is next)

9 Responses to “Eamon Ryan – Green Party Sex God”

  1. Green Ink says:

    His Kitt runs on vegetable oil. Ha!

  2. stretchneil says:

    This is brilliant – can’t wait to see the one you do for the Labour kids 😉

  3. Matt says:


    Note: K.I.T.T. has a hydrogen turbojet engine which has zero emissions, so it’s already more environmentally friendly than vegetable oil.


  4. In all fairness he seems a pretty decent sort.

  5. Oh that is actually terrifying! What colour is that man’s skin????How can that be healthy!

    As for stripping….I have a grotty box room that could do with new wall paper?

  6. NiallOK says:

    Now that the Greens and FF are in government together, could Eamon’s “KITT” be Tom Kitt?…

  7. Green Ink says:

    Oh MW do I qualify for a filthy badge now? I’m getting quite a collection.

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