Microsoft to run sweaty obese man beauty contest on Craggy Island

Or maybe I got the press release arseways… feck

Drink Feck Arse Code

(yes that glass does say Drink Arse Feck Code, but Fr. Jack says Drink Feck Arse Girls )

Microsoft are holding sponsoring the first Developers Developers Developers conference in Galway on May 3rd 2008. The event will take place at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. While the states have Ted talks, this event will have Dougal talks. I hope they get all the speakers to wear red sleeveless jumpers. On the Sunday they’re going to Craggy Island (Inis Oirr) for a walkabout. Have a look at the DDD Ireland website for details of the talks and speakers. It’s all free by the way.

Here’s the biggest evangelist for Developers ever, g’wan Steve Ballmer:

6 Responses to “Microsoft to run sweaty obese man beauty contest on Craggy Island”

  1. Green Ink says:

    Dougal talks. Brilliant 😀

  2. Clare Dillon says:

    Ooh – my favourite inspirational internal training! 😉

    But – just to clarify – the DDD event is not a Microsoft event. It is all being organised and run by the folks down in the Galway Microsoft Technology User Group ( in collaboration with the NextGen UK User Group (who help organise the DDD events in the UK). We are sponsoring it however…

    The UK MS community are sending over loads of their most popular speakers (quite a few Fr Ted fans, as you can probably tell) – so there is a huge number of sessions to choose from and each session should have a pretty small crowd so folks can have productive discussions.

    The DDD events over in the UK get 100s of developers attending and sell out (well, book up, they are all free) in hours – if this first one in Galway is half as successful, we’re hoping Ireland will be put regularly on their schedule!

    Anyhow – looks like a pretty fun weekend either way (if you’re into coding and whatnot 🙂 ! And if there is going to be a beauty contest – I hope they broadcast it!! 😉

  3. Damien says:

    Clare is it true you are going to dress up as that dancing priest?

  4. Clare Dillon says:

    Well there were calls for me to brush off my old leprechaun outfit 😉 – but unfortunately I am away out of the country. Very disappointed!! I actually booked around the original provisional date and then they moved it bang smack into the middle my holidays! 🙁

    And I was really looking forward to it – I’ve (shamefully) never been to the Aran Islands…

    We’ve been trying to convince Martha to go as Mrs. Doyle though… 😉

  5. Damien says:

    The Max Clifford type in my head said if you pushed the Ted linkages more you’d get a great deal more coverage. A Fr. Ted themed tech conference. Oh yeah. Tea?

  6. Dave Jeffery says:

    In the poster frame for the video linked above it looks like Ballmer is wearing nipple clamps with tassels. 😀
    How disappointed was I to find out that they were only microphones?